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Enterprise Policy Administration

Respond to change, support your decisions, take advantage of opportunities and manage the complete life cycle


Navigator is a visionary underwriting platform empowering insurance carriers globally to innovate and rapidly respond to new market opportunities. It combines the capabilities of underwriting, policy administration, claims and reinsurance.

The platform is inclusive of an Insurance Product Manager, which provides capabilities to rapidly change existing or publish new Insurance Products, without vendor intervention. The Insurance Product Manager leverages the underlying workflow engine, process engine and business rules to deliver specialist and customised insurance products. It also provides a policy management system that allows the business to respond to ever-changing demands of the industry whilst proactively driving growth.

Adaptable, with pre-configured accelerators, Navigator greatly reduces integration and implementation risk allowing fast, efficient deployment.

Navigator  has been developed with embedded analytics that benefit underwriting decision-making and the entire policy management lifecycle.

Analytics are delivered in context and at the point of decision-making, achieving more efficient and accurate business outcomes.

Configurable home pages, dashboards and point-in-time, function or role-specific reporting puts all the information you want right in front of you. With its in-built document management, master data management and party management capabilities, it facilitates every aspect of the underwriting, policy and claims management processes.

The automation Implementation Framework Suite ensures a smooth and accurate transition to Navigator from existing systems.


Navigator combines the capabilities around underwriting, policy administration, and claims management. A flexible process and workflow engine sits at the core of Navigator. It delivers

  • Service-oriented architecture enabling integration capabilities with other systems
  • Configurable user experience providing embedded compliance and role-based experience
  • Customisable, code-independent product definition
  • Efficient, cost-effective, seamless upgrade strategy

Work Smarter

Navigator provides organisations with the tools they need to maximise efficiency for their users and ensure data quality. You can

  • Tailor the user experience for each user or team, based on their needs
  • Surface the right information to users at the right point in time
  • Ensure documentation and the right analytical information is easily accessible at all times
  • Streamline the entry, processing and validation of data per product or business line, allowing users to focus on writing better business

Respond to change

Navigator ensures organisations can respond rapidly to the changing business or regulatory requirements. You can

  • Optimise your speed-to-market with the powerful Insurance Product Builder and highly configurable process and data control methods
  • Develop products over time and incorporate new data capture requirements and master data sets with ease
  • Integrate with other systems or data sources, simplifying your solution architecture

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