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Enterprise Exposure Management

Visualise and manage modelled and non-modelled risks
across all lines of business


Exact is an enterprise-wide exposure management tool that enables insurers to visualise and manage accumulations of risk across all lines of business and global regions. The system is not only a risk aggregation system, but is designed to support underwriters in their decision-making process, through the provision of hazard and accumulation information at the point of underwriting.

Exact combines the power of a market-leading risk aggregation engine and an advanced global mapping interface to deliver fast and accurate accumulation information, allowing exposure managers, underwriters and senior managers to make better, more informed decisions. The system is enriched by a large and constantly increasing eco-system of third-party data sources in order to provide a highly detailed understanding of risk, visualised in a clear, user-friendly manner.


  • Enterprise-wide view of exposure across all geographies, lines of business, and business units
  • Underwriter View to assess risks easily by viewing all hazard, exposure and accumulation information in a single screen
  • Global hazard analysis across all major perils from multiple providers
  • Analysis of marginal impacts against risk appetite thresholds
  • Intuitive mapping interface allowing visualisations of exposure accumulations, hazard layers and other risk factors
  • Sophisticated aggregation engine for handling complex policy structures
  • State of the art geocoding, with a choice of providers for different geographical regions

The immediate benefits Clients have found with Exact are :

  • More informed underwriting decisions
  • Clarity of multi-line accumulations
  • Visualisations of peak accumulations through integrated mapping
  • Rapid loss estimates following a catastrophe
  • Portfolio optimisation to maximise income within risk appetite thresholds
  • Reduction of manual data capture efforts through automated integrations
  • Saving on cost of reinsurance

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