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Sophisticated Analytics

Analytics platform for accelerated and confident decision making


Acumen offers an analytics engine and data management capability. As a sophisticated, insurance domain-specific analytics platform, it provides fast and comprehensive business intelligence to support higher growth and profitability for reinsurers. It enables global reinsurers to leverage data assets and incorporate new sources of data easily, turning data into actionable information for rapid, informed insights and decisions.

Supported by market-leading data visualisations and governed by data discovery tools, Acumen provides meaningful and timely information for decision-making across reinsurance organisations.


Acumen offers an analytics engine and data management capability through:

  • Contextual analytics at the point of decision-making
  • Pre-packaged analytic packs
  • Aggregation of disparate data sources
  • Disciplined data governance, transparency and auditability

1. Trust your data

Acumen enables decision-makers to decide how best to use an ever-increasing variety of data sources, both internal and external to the organisation. It enables rapid assimilation and analysis of contextual documents, media and other unstructured data alongside traditional structured data, allowing multiple sources of data to be used effectively for informed decision-making. It can:

  • Extract meaningful and timely information from multiple data sources in a structured manner
  • Provide a unified and a trusted source of data from which to report and analyse, whilst ensuring your data is underpinned by disciplined data governance, transparency and auditability

2. Stand out from the crowd

Acumen enables reinsurance organisations to achieve competitive advantage by leveraging the wealth of data that they have access to. They can:

  • Deliver contextual analytics to the point of decision-making, supporting truly data-driven decisions
  • Analyse data rapidly, integrate and push information and analytic results into other systems
  • Purchase pre-packaged Analytic Packs that provide ready-to-run value without time-consuming implementation cycles

3. React faster

Acumen helps organisations avoid time-consuming data analysis and incorporation of new data sources, enabling them to become more pro-active and less reactive. They can:

  • Discover and assimilate easily the growing proliferation of new data sources, internal and external, structured and unstructured, including data from social media and multimedia sources

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